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OnePlus 5T Review.

OnePlus a Shenzhen based Chinese smartphone manufacturer made its debut by launching the flagship killer OnePlus One. Today we have yet another OnePlus device named 5T. OnePlus 5T as the name suggests is not a completely new smartphone-rather, it’s an incremental upgrade of the OnePlus 5. This is not a surprising move from the firm as the company did exactly the same with the OnePlus 3 by launching the OnePlus 3T.

So what’s new in this device? Did it gives what it takes? Should you buy it? Lots and lots of questions. So, let’s find out the answers to these questions!


OnePlus 5T Unboxing.


https://theunbiasedreview.comWe receive a reviewers package and inside it, is a retail box of OnePlus 5T with a total of 3 additional covers- Karbon black (₹1,490), Rosewood (₹1,990), and Silicone Red (₹1,290).
‘5’ is mentioned on the top of the box settled by ‘T’ on the top. On the top-middle of the white box, there’s a red colored OnePlus logo. Open the lid and you have a red colored crate featuring the phone on the top, with a pre-applied plastic screen protector. Underneath, you’ll find the Dash charger and a red cable for it, and that’s it. The red crate also has a pocket and inside it, you’ll find a silicone plastic case and a user manual.


OnePlus 5T Display.


Open the box and the first thing which grabs your attention is the big 18:9 display of the handset, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience. This is the biggest change in the device. OnePlus boast the device with 6.01-inch Full HD AMOLED panel with 18:9 aspect ratio that follows last year’s trend of bezel-less screens like we’ve seen on the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG V30.

5T comes with a Full HD resolution of 2160×1080 with a 401 ppi pixel density, while rivals all boast QHD (2K) displays. This doesn’t mean the screen on the OnePlus 5T is poor, thanks to the AMOLED panel colors which are bright and punchy, but when you slide it alongside the competition you can see it’s not as sharp. The AMOLED display of the OnePlus 5T is shield by the Corning gorilla glass 5.

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus also revealed on Twitter that he fooled one fan into thinking that 5T have a QHD display when actually it stuck with Full HD.

OnePlus also added a feature called Sunlight Display which automatically detects harsh light and adapts the display of the smartphone accordingly for the best viewability; it’s basically an auto brightness mode. The Sunlight Display or Auto Brightness sensor is very good and works fast according to the lighting conditions.


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OnePlus 5T Design.


The bezel-less display adds style to the 5T. With the small bezels above and below the screen, OnePlus slimmed down the 5T to provide a sleeker look with an 80.5% screen-to-body ratio. OnePlus housed the front camera, a call speaker and sensors on the upper bezel, while the fingerprint sensor on the 5T has been moved to the rear (earlier it was on the front in OnePlus 5).

The reduction in bezel has necessitated another design change too, with the fingerprint sensor (as i mentioned above) and physical navigation keys disappearing from the front-lower bezel of the handset.https://theunbiasedreview.com

The OnePlus 5T continues with the premium metal unibody design, which makes the phone look good and feels premium in hand. The gently-curving rear helps the device to nestle nicely into the palm.

So what’s new in this device from its predecessor (OnePlus 5). OnePlus 5T is wider, taller and heavier than the OnePlus 5, but remains the same in terms of thickness. It measures 156.1 x 75 x 7.3mm and weighs 162g, making it similar in size and weight to the LG V30 and iPhone 8 Plus.

While all things are awesome but something the design of 5T doesn’t offer is much grip. The aluminium back has a silky smooth finish which is a little slippery. Without any additional skin, you’ll find it difficult to hold as it slips easily. It’s worth mentioning that the company gives you clear plastic case in the box.


At the right of the device we have a power/unlock key and the volume rocker on the left, fall easily under thumb and finger when you’re holding the phone in portrait. OnePlus continues with its notification/alert slider on the left side of the handset, allowing you to easily switch between silent, do not disturb and sound modes.


The Audio jack available on the 5T is of 3.5mm which is good and allows you to plug in your headphones without the need for a clunky adapter. However, the charging port available at the bottom of the handset is USB type-C and is super quick. At the bottom of the device, you get a micro speaker, charging port and audio jack.

We just wish that, if OnePlus had fitted the stereo speaker on the 5T, to stay in the competition. But sadly you’ll get only one micro-speaker.

The Camera bump on the OnePlus 5T remains similar as on the 5. However, the bump is lifted slightly upwards and the edges of the protrusion have been more lovingly sculpted into the main body of the device for a more uniform and slick look.

So in terms of overall designing, it looks premium and plush. It has got an immersive, bezel-less display with 6.01-inch Full HD, AMOLED and 18:9 aspect ratio and a circular fingerprint sensor at the back.


OnePlus 5T Battery.

The OnePlus 5T comes packed with a 3,300mAh battery, which the company claims lasts a full day on a single charge. We found this claim to be fully justified. Dash Charge gives you 60% in 30 minutes. Isn’t it fast? When we heard that 5T has same 3,300 mAh battery, we were concerned that the OnePlus 5T might struggle in the battery department, as it uses a big screen. But surprisingly 5T comes out to be a solid performer.



We use the 5T for around 2 weeks and played lots of games like Asphalt 8, PES 2018, BIA3 and No Limits. The OP5T performs very well with these quite heavy games and we don’t find any lagginess. We also ran a 90 min Full HD video on it with screen brightness at max level, and we shocked when 5T lost only 12% of charge from 100%.

OnePlus 5T is a better performer than many flagship devices such as LG V30 and iPhone 8+.


OnePlus 5T Camera.


Like the OnePlus 5, 5T also comes accompanied with dual camera setup at the rear. But it’s not the identical one.

The OnePlus 5T has 16MP and 20MP sensors and has an aperture of the aperture of f/1.7. Both the sensors have the same 27.22mm focal length. The rear camera setup is accompanied by a dual-LED flash and can record 4K video at 30fps, apart from the 1080p video at 60fps.

The 16MP sensor at the rear is same as the one found on the OnePlus 5 but the 20MP rear sensor is no longer a telephoto lens, actually, it is a low-light sensor. OnePlus says that this move improves the 5T’s low-light credentials when lighting drops below 10 lux. The 5Ts camera performs better than its predecessor in low lighting conditions. OnePlus has improved low light performance, and this striking shot proves it. However, it is not as good as pixel 2, but that’s allowable considering the price tag.

The loss of the telephoto lens does mean the natural 2x zoom function offered on the OnePlus 5 by switching between two cameras of different focal length is gone. But in good lighting conditions, you can switch from 1x to 2x by a single tap.

The Camera app of the 5T is simple and easy-to-use. Just swipe up and select your modes. Sliding from left to right jumps you into video mode, while a movement in the opposite direction takes you to Portrait mode or Bokeh effect.

Talking about the portrait mode of the 5T and you’ll seriously love it. It has been improved to offer better background defocusing and a sharper subject.

The Front camera of the OnePlus 5T is also good and is identical to its predecessor. It comes with a 16MP Sony IMX371 sensor with 1-micron pixels and an aperture of f/2.0. It can also record 1080p videos at 30fps. The most intuitive part of the camera app is long-press the fingerprint scanner on the rear and take a photo.

Some Camera Samples in Different Lighting Conditions:

Day Light Images.

Up close, the OnePlus 5T can capture an impressive level of detail.

Daylight Bokeh Image.                                                                Low Light Bokeh Image.


Low Light Click
Low Light Click.


18:9 Image.


Some Selfie Samples.

Daylight Selfie.                                                                     Daylight Selfie With Beauty mode.


Low Light Selfie.                                                                   Low Light Selfie with On-Screen Light.


Click Here to see the Full Resolution Images.


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OnePlus 5T Face Recognition.

Another first feature from OnePlus is the Face recognition. Face recognition on the 5T is incredibly fast. It is as fast as sometimes you’ll feel that it’s not working but it does. All you need to do is just tap the screen or power button and your home screen appearing before 0you. OnePlus claims that face recognition feature can unlock the handset in just 0.4 seconds, and we’re inclined to agree.

However, we did find that face unlocks feature works from some impressive angles too, which means you don’t have to hold the handset straight to your face for it to work.

The thing which sometimes disappoints you is that it can’t see you in the dark. Unlike Apple, OnePlus hasn’t used an infrared camera to recognize you in the dark. Face Unlock on the 5T requires some light and the screen brightness itself is not enough to check your face. We have tested the Face recognition feature in several different scenarios. 5T can handle glasses so whether or not you wear them the device will understand it’s still you, as long as your eyes are visible.  

Though, the feature is not as advanced and secure as in the iPhone 10. But still, it is surprisingly good.


OnePlus 5T Android & Interface.

Sadly, the OnePlus 5T runs on Android 7.1.2 Nougat out of the box and still doesn’t get Android Oreo update in India.

One Plus as usual stick to its Oxygen OS interface over the top of Android, which keeps the general look and feel of Google’s platform while adding in extra customization options.

Jump into the gestures section of the settings menu and you have the option to swipe down on the fingerprint scanner to bring down the notification bar. You can also take a screenshot by swiping your 3 fingers on the screen. Or if you want to play music just draw || with two fingers.

Another customization option we love it was the ability to hide the notification bar which allows you to take advantage of the extra space.

You can also run parallel apps. You can clone certain apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Skype and Snapchat. Parallel Apps will be useful for those wanting to keep work and personal accounts separate.


OnePlus 5T Connectivity.

The OnePlus 5T is a dual SIM handset. It takes two nano-SIMs in it. It supports a total of 35 bands of 2G/3G/4G, and LTE is Cat. Wi-Fi b/g/n over 2.4GHz and a/n/ac over 5GHz is supported. There’s the latest Bluetooth 5 with improved range and speed plus aptX and aptX HD for those who are into high-quality wireless audio.

NFC support is also supported. Positioning is done with GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo satellites. There is no FM radio receiver, though. Interestingly,  it features a 3.5mm jack so you can connect your headphones without the hassle of a dongle.


OnePlus 5T Movies, Music & Gaming.

Movies, music, and gaming is that part which everyone loves. The immersive display of the handset is amazing. You’ll love to watch movies with that AMOLED display panel and bolder colors.

The output from the loudspeaker is highly loud and impressive too, but when you hold the device in landscape mode the speaker get blocked due to the placement of speaker.

The gaming experience on the 5T is remarkably awesome. All you need to do is just open the game and you’re good to go. We don’t find any type of lagginess while playing games such as Asphalt 8, BIA3, PES 2018 and enjoyed them with that immersive display.


OnePlus 5T Performance.

5T comes with the same flagship chipset i.e., Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm which is running inside the OnePlus 5 too. And it comes with 6GB and 8GB RAM options having 64GB and 128GB internal storage respectively. The available RAM options certainly hint at the power this handset can produce.

The mixture of configuration running with Android Nougat and a neat OxygenOS kind of skin is an overkill. As expected, we didn’t face any performance issues with the handset.

One thing which disappoints us is the microSD card slot. Further expansion is not allowed in the 5T and it can be an issue for some users.

But anyway the real thing is that this device can handle anything you throw at it. Whether it’s gaming, multitasking, split-screen applications, heavy movies, or anything just throw them on it and enjoy. We didn’t find the device getting weirdly hot at any point in time. The fingerprint sensor is also quick and can unlock the device in just 0.2 seconds. Isn’t it good?


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The Final Verdict.

OnePlus 5T is an amazing device. It is the successor of OnePlus 5 with added features, large display, and improved cameras.

The 5T at 32,999 (6/64GB) is still the best value for money handset. The bigger display looks stunning, cameras are better than that and face unlock is amazing. No Oreo out of the box, but the OnePlus has promised to roll it out through an OTA update early in 2018.

As mentioned earlier, we are pretty much scared about the battery because of increase display size but 5T handled that effortlessly. It is sleek and still has a premium design. You’ll find it slippery but get used to of it.


Who’s it for?

If you are planning to buy a device and that to flagship then you must check this device. The best part is that you don’t have to spend more for it.

This phone represents the best value for money in the market, but if things like QHD display, expandable storage via microSD card and stereo speakers matters to you, then you can skip this one over a much costlier flagship.


Should I buy it?

From our side, OnePlus 5T get a thumbs up. You’re getting a dedicated flagship device at a very low cost. You only have to spend ₹32,999 for 6/64GB variant and ₹37,999 for 8/128GB of the variant. The screen is large and the power is plentiful, and with Oreo arriving in early 2018. What else do you want!

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