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The smartwatch segment is highly competitive! You get different options from the likes of Noise, firebolt, boat, and many more. However, there’s a brand-named PLAY that is trying to compete in this highly competitive segment with its entrant Playfit XL. We have used this watch extensively as our primary smartwatch, and here’s what we feel about this smartwatch.

Design & Build

In terms of design, the smartwatch does look premium at first glance. The sides are plastic, and so is the complete housing. However, the side material doesn’t feel like plastic, and overall, the quality of the plastic used is good. The wrist strap is made up of silicone, but when compared to Noise Colorfit pulse, the band feels better and more premium. Overall, the watch feels thin and sturdy and gives a good look to the wrist with its big TFT display.


The watch offers a 43mm, 240*280 resolution TFT display with minimal side and top bezels. But the lower bezel is thick compared to all three sides- A problem with most of the watches in this price range. The quality of the display is good in indoors and in outdoors, too it manages to offer an ample amount of brightness to read your notifications and toggle between various apps on the watch. However, I have one complaint over here.

The notifications text is way too small, and it’s not easy at all to read a particular notification in a first glance. The watch tries to fit the entire text on the screen, and to do this, it just reduces the text size. Other than this, I have no complaints about the display whatsoever. It is bright and responsive with no lag at all.

Connectivity & Battery

Playfit XL comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and we paired this watch with both android & iPhone. The pairing process is a breeze. All you need to do is just download the Play fit app from the play/app store, give some permissions, and you are good to go. The connectivity range is commendable too. The vibration motor feels better than certain noise smartwatches as it feels more subtle. The vibrations on your wrist don’t irritate you at all. In terms of battery, it is a powerhouse and comes with a 200mAh battery. The company claims a Normal play time of 15 days and in our test, the battery at max setting, i.e., turning all the notifications on, full brightness, and auto heart-rate sensing easily lasted for 12 days. We tested it in the mountains, and for four continuous days, the battery dropped to just 79% from 100%.

How good are the Sensors?

Playfit XL comes with three sensors Accelerometer, HRM sensor and Heart rate. The three sensors collectively measure SpO2, heart rate and step count. The watch comes with nine workout modes and does your basic job done pretty nicely. The accuracy of the sensors is good too, and we don’t have any complaints regarding that. However, it would have been nicer if the company offered more workout modes, as certain brands offer a lot more sports modes in this price range.

Other Features

The watch offers features like drink reminders, weather updates, find device, music control, and camera control, to name a few notable ones. And these features are a must and save a lot of time. Because honestly, they make your life easy. You don’t have to look at your phone again and again. The playfit XL on your wrist does most of the job. The camera control feature helps you take good selfies with different angles. Talking about the call notifications, the watch lets you to either cut the call or put the call on silent. So, in terms of features, it’s a big plus.

Is the price justifiable?

As mentioned on the website, the Playfit XL comes at a price of ₹2,499. At this price, the watch seems a little expensive considering the features it offers. The build quality, touch and feel no doubt feels nice. However, we only have one complaint about the lack of the availability of sports modes. The text issue which we talked about in the display can be fixed with the help of a software update so not a dealbreaker. If you are getting this watch under INR2000, then you must straightaway go for it.


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