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Xiaomi recently introduced a 200W fast charger along with a 120W wireless fast charger.

The 200W fast charger is called HyperCharge and claims to completely charge a 4000mAh battery phone within 8 minutes, whereas the 120W wireless fast charger takes only 7 minutes more, completely charging a 4000mAh battery phone within 15 minutes.

The 120W wireless fast charging technology replaces the 80W wireless fast charging technology as Xiaomi’s fastest wireless charging technology till date.

Xiaomi introduced both these fast charging technologies on Twitter.

It demonstrated with the help of a video how a 4000mAh battery smartphone can be fully charged with the help of these new technologies within the claimed speed.

The 200W wired HyperCharger demonstration:

In the video, the 200W wired HyperCharger charged the phone battery from

0 to 10%- within just 44 seconds

0% to 50%– within 3 minutes

0% to 100%- within a total of 8 minutes.

The 120W wireless fast charger demonstration:

Talking about the 120W wireless demonstration, the battery is charged from:

0% to 10%- within 1 minute  

0% to 50%– within 7 minutes

0% to 100%- within 15 minutes. 

The smartphone used for the demonstration was Mi 11 Pro.

Xiaomi has introduced the two new wired and wireless charging technologies, it is yet to provide details about when these products will be available in the market and which phone will accompany it first.

Other brands with fast charging technologies: 

Besides Xiaomi, other brands like Oppo and Realme also provide wired fast charging technologies.

Oppo offers a 125W Flash Charge that claims to completely charge a phone within 20 minutes. Realme also offers a 125W UltraDART that charges a smartphone within 20 minutes.


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