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Dark theme is going popular day by day and it’s quickly catching heat. App makers have started embracing it with open arms, including the tech giant Google, and now according to rumors WhatsApp is repeatedly working on its own dark mode.

Yes, you read it right. WhatsApp is said to be working on a dark mode for its messaging app. A leakster made us aware of this development today and it appears like WhatsApp is finally taking cues from its parent, Facebook, which announced a crisp and OLED-friendly dark mode for Facebook Messenger earlier this year.

You can see the tweet attached below.

WhatsApp, whatsapp dark modenb whats app dark mode, dark mode whats app, dark whats app, whats app dark, Google recently launched its dark theme on YouTube and Gmail is expected to be the next in line.

The dark theme could ultimately be coming to satisfy the user’s need for a better battery life or to reduce eye strain at night. There is not a defined date for the update of the dark mode on WhatsApp just yet, but expect it to roll out very soon. Till then stay tuned and stay updated!


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