LG ThinQ


LG has disclosed its approaching Bluetooth speaker known as ThinQ Speaker. The key feature of this speaker is that it comes with inbuilt Google Assistant.

Along with having the ability to do your typical Google Assistant tasks like asking regarding the weather or the news or the rest, the ThinQ Speaker will be able to integrate with LG’s line of sensible home appliances.

You’ll be able to tell Google Assistant to show on your air setup or your robot vacuum cleaner. LG claims that its Thin Q speakers will provide better audio quality than its competitors.

LG has additionally partnered with Meridian Audio ( a prominent British manufacturer of high-fidelity audio equipment) for the speakers and also the device is capable of streaming prime quality lossless files.

LG has not revealed the price tag and availability of the respective products but we expect that company will reveal these details in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January next year.

Along with that, LG additionally proclaimed some Bluetooth speakers, portable party speakers, and a Dolby Atmos sound bar.

Mr. Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA also talked about the high-quality audio output of the new range of speakers.

According To The Head:

“Sound technology has come a long way since LG introduced the first radio to the Korean market almost 60 years ago…Our latest lineup of audio products has been designed for those listeners who value premium sound with smart-enabled capabilities, and demonstrates how LG continues to push the boundaries on how people enjoy music and movies.”


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