Google might be working on a feature for Android users similar to that of Apple’s ‘Find My’ network feature.

This suspection comes after decoding a string of code that relates to a latest Google Play Services beta version.

In the past, Google has launched some similar features to that of iOS. Google is now expected to yet again come up with this feature similar to Apple’s ‘Find My’ network for Android users.

What does the reports say?

According to a report, it discovers a set of strings from the Google Play Services app’s beta version 21.24.13 that hints to the ‘Find My’ Device network.

The two strings of code are “mdm_find_device_network_description” and “mdm_find_device_network_title”. The first one decodes as, “Allows your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices” while the second one states, “Find My Device network.”

Currently, Google offers Android users with a Google Find My Device app. It allows the users to only locate devices that links to their Google account.

However, with the new update Google will allow the users to locate their devices as well as other Android devices signed into different accounts.

The report also suggests that this new update by Google will be available on Google Play Services for all the Android users as it is present on almost every Android device.

Therefore this new Google service may reach a large number of audience once it arrives.

However, there are no more details about Google introducing this new features for all Android users. Moreover, Google has not yet confirmed anything regarding the Google’s Find My device network.


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