Today gaming on mobile has reached another level. Thanks to games like PUBG, Call On Duty and many more. This gives the opportunities to company to sell product that will help in better gaming experience. Game Sir is one such company that has taken the opportunity and is releasing a unique mobile grip with integrated cooling system, namely Game Sir F8 Pro Snowgon. It has also released X2 Mobile Controller earlier this week.

The one thing that attract Game Sir F8 Pro Snowgon is that it has cooling fan for smart phones. This will help in enjoying of many hours of gaming without heating up of phones.

Long continuous hours of playing game can make your phone hot. To prevent this, phones like Lenovo Legion Duel 2, Nubia Red Magic 5S gives customers cooling system. But if one’s phone does not have such cooling system then Game Sir F8 Pro Snowgon can help you.

Device has two comfortable grip on either sides for gaming experience. Between that grips phone with 173mm or 6.8 inch can be placed and adjusted in it.

The technology used to keep phone cool is external cooling fan along with advanced semi-conductor refrigeration technology.

And it also have unique RGB system that lights up once smart phone is connected to it. To connect phone with device, there is USB-C Port.

It also has detachable joysticks, finger sleeves and trigger button allowing customers to have fully armed gaming set-up.

Talking about price, it costs $35 or RS. 2,613 and is available on Indiegogo. After the offer is off from Indiegogo it will available on company’s website and Amazon.


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