Xiaomi had lately introduced its HyperCharge technology that comes with 200W wired fast charging support.

The HyperCharge technology is capable of charging a 4000mAh battery device within 8 minutes. In addition, Xiaomi also introduced its Mi Air Charge technology recently.

This Air charge technology can charge devices without any wires, cables or stands. Xiaomi already having introduced such advanced charging technologies is here with yet another futuristic technology that will leave you amazed.

According to the recent reports, Xiaomi has filed a patent with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). The patent reveals that the company is working on a technology that will use sound to charge devices without any power sockets.

What is the sound charging technology?

After analysing the patent report it reveals that the new sound charging system includes a sound charging device, an energy storage device and an electronic device.

The system involves a sound charging device, an energy storage device, and an electronic device. The sound charging device includes a ‘sound collection device, a plurality of energy conversion devices and a power conversion device’.

This is to convert the sound from environmental to mechanical vibration. Further, the electronic device will convert this mechanical vibration into an alternating current (AC), which will be converted to direct current (DC) using the power conversion device. This whole process in succession will then charge the smartphone or any other device.

Although this just being the patent stage, there is no surety of this sound charging technology to come into play in the near future.

However when it comes to making such an advanced technology commercially available, several important factors do take effect. Moreover, Xiaomi is yet to demonstrate how this new sound charging technology will work.



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