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In May 2021, Realme has announced that will launch with Dizo the TechLife group. Dizo provides smart affordable products excluding phones and is also a sub-brand of Realme.

Recently, Dizo has announced its debut in India with its two products namely, Dizo Go Pods D (fully wireless) and the Dizo Wireless (neckband type). It will look similar to previous product, Realme Buds Q and Realme Buds Wireless. However, the prices of same are different.

So let’s talk about the price and features of both the products.

Dizo Go Pods D

Taking about the price, it will cost RS. 1,599 and will be sold through Flipkart from 14 July, 12 PM. To attract more people, there will be sale and the price for the same will be RS. 1,399. It will mark the cheapest wireless buds in India.

The color will be White and Black only. It will offer a snug fit with an in-ear design. Silicon ear tips will be present for low fiction in ears and will have radial, metallic texture outside the bud. 10mm large bass drivers along with Bass Boost+ will make sure that audio quality is up to the mark.

To update software of bud, Realme Link App will help you. The playback time will be of 20 hours along with the charging case and making 400mAh and 40mAh battery inside and outside respectively.

To attract more customer, it will have Game Mode with 110mm latency. It will also allow it to connect to phone automatically when the lid will be open.


Dizo Wireless

Price of the Dizo Wireless will be of RS. 1,499 but if you will get in the first sale it will cost you RS. 1,299 from Flipkart only. This will be available from 7 July, 12 PM.

One wire is connecting two earphones. Silicon ear tip is there to provide comfort and have Magnetic Fast Pair (MFP) technology. This means if you detach them it will turn music on and off automatically. Black, blue, green and orange are the colors which will be there.

It weighs 23.1 gm so that you will face less problem carrying it. It is also water-proof. Same like Go Pods D, it has Game Mode and also have noise cancellation feature.

Charging takes 02 hours and by charging for 10 minutes, one will get 120 minutes of playback time. 150mAh battery will provide you with 17 hours of playback time.


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