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At the WWDC 2021 event, Apple finally introduced the much awaited software update– iOS 15.

The iOS 15 software comes with a lot of advancements in Apple Maps, FaceTime, iMessage, Privacy, notifications, focus and more.

The iOS 15 will be seen in the iPhone 6s and in the upcoming devices this year.

Facetime features in iOS 15 

The FaceTime update in iOS 15 comes with a spatial audio allowing users to connect better than ever.

This update is said to make the users feel like they are sitting in the same room and communicating with each other.

Along with this users are also able to switch to various audio modes. In addition, users will now be able to see a grid view during group Facetime calls.

A new video feature is the portrait mode which users can enable to blur the background and focus on the user’s face.

Similar to zoom or google meet calls, you can now generate FaceTime links and share it among your friends and family.

This will also allow android and other users to join the FaceTime call via the generated link.

The iOS 15 update also comes with a SharePlay feature to FaceTime which will enable the users to listen and watch content together.

iMessage features in iOS 15

The iMessage update avails the users to easily search for the shared photos, links and other documents.

It also comes with various segregation options allowing to users to store their music, media and news separately.

Overall the new updates plans on giving the users a much better experience by providing various user friendly features.

Notification and Focus features in iOS 15

Apple has come with a new update to notifications with the iOS 15. A brief summary of all the notifications will appear saving a lot of your time.

Another feature is the do not disturb mode which will allow the users to mute all the notifications.

Apple with iOS 15 comes with another interesting Focus feature which will enable the users to focus on work or on their normal life.

While at work users can switch to the Work in the Focus mode where you will only receive work notifications and updates.

Users will conveniently be able to customize the timings according to their working hours.

Photos and Apple Maps in iOS 15

Apple brings in an interesting update with iOS 15 called the Live text. You can place the camera over the text to get that highlighted and copy paste it somewhere else.

The iOS 15 also comes with a Memories feature automatically adding Apple music to it. There are also latest updates in the wallets and weather apps.

The iOS 15 comes with an update in Apple Maps allowing the users to switch to driving mode which will provide them with detailed information about the roads and lanes.

Altogether, this new iOS 15 update packs a lot of amazing features and plans to give all the audiences a much better user experience.


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