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The largest influencer marketing start-up in India,, has unveiled a new model that allows brands and agencies to use influencer activation without spending any money. The new interventions from will lower entry barriers and democratise the use of influencer marketing across industries for brands and agencies, enabling MSMEs and start-ups to jump on the influencer bandwagon.

In an effort to assist most Indian brands in maximising influencer marketing, has established a Cost-per-View model that protects a brand’s return on investment. In addition, it offers a conversion-driven Affiliate model that aids clients in growing their influencer marketing activities’ reach, recognition, and money.


By delivering scalable and transformational solutions, is also helping to level the playing field for influencers. Micro and nano influencers will have access to thousands of brand and agency briefs through its Cost-per-View and Affiliate models. This will enable small-scale influencers to make money through major brand relationships.

On the prestigious moment for the brand, Sagar Pushp, CEO & Co-founder –, said, “So far, India’s influencer marketing ecosystem has been skewed towards mega and celebrity influencers who tie-up with prominent brands for large-scale campaigns. In fact, brands are using the entirety of their influencer marketing budget only to interact with the top 5% of influencers. Our interventions will change the game and allow small-scale influencers to gain traction in terms of brand associations. On the flip side, it will encourage brands of all scales to join the platform at no cost and start posting their influencer campaigns. With this, we are reiterating that is available to all, and every brand and influencer can partake in and benefit from the burgeoning creator economy.”

It will be exciting to see how this move from the brand plays out in the long run.


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