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In April 2021, Microsoft announced the Performance mode for Edge in order to optimize the browser’s performance and that too while saving battery and hardware resources. So, basically, if you want to experience your Windows PC at an increased speed, you can try turning on the efficiency mode!

So, first, let us understand better what actually is this Efficiency Mode. In simple words, it is a new feature that helps improve performance in Edge. When you enable this mode, the browser minimizes power usage to extend battery life by reducing power usage to extend battery life by reducing the load on CPU and memory resources. But there does come a warning with it that the video playback may be less smooth, and animations may slow down when you are using this mode. Also, to make the performance better, with efficiency mode enabled, Microsoft would automatically put inactive tabs to sleep after 5 minutes, provided you have enabled sleeping tabs in Edge.


  1. Open edge and access the Settings page by clicking on the horizontal three dots menu at the top right corner.
  2. Next, switch to the “System and performance” tab from the left sidebar. Under the “Optimize Performance Section”, turn on the “Efficiency Mode” toggle to enable the feature.


When you turn on the Efficiency Mode, you have the option to customize the configure. There are three options to choose from. To keep the mode always-on, active when your PC is unplugged, or when your system is unplugged and running out of battery.

If you tried Efficiency Mode and did not think it works for you and you want to go back to the basic mode, you can disable it too.

To disable the Efficiency Mode, open Settings from the horizontal three dots menu at the top right. Then, navigate to System and performance>Efficiency Mode, and disable the toggle.


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