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Smartphone manufacturers are always trying to make their smartphones with bigger screens. Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S9 device with 18.5:9 aspect ratio display. As screen size is increasing we all are just trying to fit them comfortably into our pockets. But what if a phone with big display size and to which you can fold in half?

Samsung and Apple have both been rumoured to be working on folding devices but it appears another company has actually done it. And that another company is nothing but ZTE. Quite shocking?

Chinese company- ZTE has launched the “Axon M”; a dual-screen phone where the second screen folds backwards. ZTE had the weird-looking phone on display at the Mobile World Congress 2018 event in Barcelona.

Seems impressive? The internal specs are pretty impressive too. It’s got a 20MP camera and 4GB of RAM. The bigger screen size also adds up to weight and the Axon M is measured at 230g and 12.2mm thick – you’ll notice it in your pocket or in hand. And good luck for finding a usable case for it- it’s like finding a needle in a sand mountain.

But yes there’s something appealing about that screen. You can separate out the phone’s functions across them. How about watching two pictures simultaneously on the same device?

However, we don’t have any information whether the Axon M is coming to the Indian market in any time soon.

The price is out in the US market. The phone is listed as $725 – making it about Rs. 47019 in India. Not bad, considering premium smartphones!



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