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Windows 98 is an operating system developed by Microsoft as a part of its Windows 9x family of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Apart from this formal introduction, it can also be introduced as the real OG. For the 90s youth, it was one of the first Windows they got their hands on.

And, this is a really good news for those who want to experience the good old windows days all over again! We have come across an app that brings the classic Windows 98 to your Android device. The app is named Dubbed Win 98 Simulator, built by a developer named LR-Soft. This app will not change any existing functionalities in your device. It will just simulate a retro version of the Windows 98. And yes, the start button with a pixelated Windows logo and the original start menu will be there to give ultimate nostalgia!!!

Not just this, it will also bring back the classic apps and games with it like MS Paint, the retro Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, and FreeCell.

Win 98 Simulator is currently available on the Google Play Store and has over 1 million downloads. To download the app, the device should be running on Android 4.1 or above. So, to get the retro vibes, download it and share your experiences with your friends and in the comment section too!


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