Google messaging app
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Google has recently announced two new features in their Messaging App. This will be seen in the upcoming weeks in India. As per Google, this will help them in keeping the app organized way.

One of the updates in the Google Messages app is that it will allow messages with OTP (one-time-password) to delete automatically after 24 hours of being received. This is done as it is not safe to keep OTP messages on your phone after being used and also if one forgets or not care to delete messages this update will play a vital role.

The other update will be that the app will sort the messages just like same in the Gmail so that there will be categories and people can easily find a particular message. The four categories will be transactions (such as bank messages), offers, personal (messages with saved contact), OTPs. Google will manage the app and will make sure that spam messages will not mix with important ones.

Google messaging app
Source: Google

Users can enable this update by simply clicking on the “continue” option. They have to update their app or have to download the latest version of the same if the option not occur.

This update will be optional for customers. One can get back to the old one too. Since it will happen safely on the device, it will stay in-app and will work offline as said by Google.

The idea behind this update was that people received too many messages and very different in nature. With so many messages one may ignore the important one and cannot separate it from unimportant ones.

As per their report, it will work on Android phones with version 8 and above. Whether it will be released outside India is still a question.


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