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Ssangyong, a Mahindra owned Korean car brand revealed it’s e-SIV concept SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. Ssangyong is planning to take advantage of an upcoming “EV tripping point”. This is the first electric model from the brand but before the electric version of the e-SIV concept, a combustion version will be introduced next year. this e-siv is slotting between the Tivoli and Rexton.

The concept has some interseting and chunky and elements on all the four-sides of the car sports a grille-free nose and light bar at the back. However, the design is familier to the Rexton SUV, as well as the Tivoli EVR EV concept. In terms of exterior, this one is a four-seat e-SIV and has a cabin-wide digital dashboard that presents information and messages appropriate to journey. Behind this is a portrait touchscreen from where the car’s infotainment is controlled.

The concept features machine learning and voice recognition technology, using a net connection to offer autonomous satellite navigation. The system also enables the car to be connected to the cloud. By connecting the car users can remotely access power control, air conditioning and car diagnostics, as well as activating driver safety support systems.

Though the brand will launch the power motor first but after that the e-SIV is powered by a 61.5kWh battery and 188hp motor. It is claimed to be capable of up to 450 kilometres to one charge and has a top speed of 150kph.

The concept features a suite of autonomous driving technology that enables Level 2 autonomy, hinting at what’s to come on the production car. The car uses a radar and camera sensor system and can recognise the lane it is travelling in.

Mahindra is also readying its own version of the Tivoli EV, which could make its debut later this year. Mahindra recently announced a tie-up with LG Chem to develop lithium-ion batteries for Mahindra itself and SsangYong EVs and is expected to launch its own version of the G4 Rexton by the end of December.


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