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What will you do if you have Rs.12 Crore in your account? A Ferrari? A Rolls Royce? Or probably both? 

How about a MicroLED TV? Wait! What? Well you read it right! A year after debuting ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TVs for commercial establishments, Samsung at the start of this year unveiled some new models for its retail consumers.

Jokes apart the lineup has a ton of features which definitely justify the price. Think of it, a MicroLED of 73-inches in 2K definition to a massive 292-inches (about 24 feet) in glorious 8K.

Samsung bring some of these type TVs in Indian market. The product series is being launched in India with a 146-inch 4K model, a 219-inch 6K variant and a 292-inch 8K version. As far as prices are concerned, they range from Rs. 3.5 crore for the starting model and goes to Rs. 12 crore (excluding taxes) for the biggest variant. Being extensively premium, they are available for purchase exclusively at the Samsung Executive Briefing Center in Gurgaon.

The TVs can blend themselves with the surroundings and have a depth less than 30mm. They have a 120Hz refresh rate and thanks to its Quantum HDR technology which gave them a peak brightness of 2,000 nits. Samsung also claims a 100,000-hour lifespan for the panels.


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