windows 11
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Microsoft has finally come up with Windows 11 that has created a buzz all around. However, in order to run the updated version of windows, your system must meet certain requirements. These requirements will include not only the basic hardware but also certain software features.

But, there is a lot of confusion among people regarding the upgrade of windows. The message that the tool gives out is that the PC is not compatible or doesn’t support windows 11. But it does not mention what it is that the PC is lacking and not being able to meet the ‘compatibility’ criteria.

To solve this, Microsoft has updated its PC Health Check App to provide more information about the requirements needed to be met and why your PC is not running Windows 11. For those who already have the app installed, it will update for itself once you open it and those who do not have it can download the updated version now.

And even after all this hassle, if you are not able to update your windows, you might want to wait on that and not run to purchase new PCs(you probably need more research before doing that). Microsoft is still working on it and will ensure that your systems stay up to date.


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