Internet Explorer
Microsoft all set to bid farewell to it’s most unused product- Internet Explorer.
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Microsoft has launched its famous web browser ‘The Internet Explorer‘ in 1995 and is now all set to put an end to that era.

After 25 years, Microsoft has finally decided to completely withdraw the use of Internet Explorer from 15 June 2022.

In 2004, other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera were in demand and were used and preferred by most of the users. Web-users started shifting to these browsers and eventually discontinued the use of Internet Explorer.

In September 2010, according to StatCounter Internet Explorer’s shares fell below 50%. Around May 2012, Google Chrome took over Internet Explorer as the most used browser.

Not planning to give up on their browser space, Microsoft announced- Microsoft Edge that will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser. The Microsoft Edge launched on 15th January 2020 comes with a better and improved user interface, security, and viewing and display options.

The Microsoft Edge is compatible with devices with all supported versions of Windows 10 and macOS. With the launch of the new Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer will soon be discontinued on all devices.


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