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CES, the tech industry’s biggest annual trade exhibition, kicks off next week, which suggests it’s time for numerous gadget manufacturers to begin teasing their most striking announcements. LG has already taken part in this process, by announcing a brand new 88-inch OLED TV panel with a super-sharp 8K resolution, that will showcase at the event.

Officially, 8K measures at 7680 x 4320, which is twice the vertical resolution and twice the horizontal resolution of a typical 4K panel. Isn’t it huge!

Once unveiled, it will be the biggest and high resolution OLED TV in the market. Obviously, it will take a while before 8K TVs turn into a standard. We’re right now observing a development of 4K TVs and HDR content that is gradually but clearly going standard. LG’s 8K TV will be a show of quality at CES 2018 as the organization competes with brands like Samsung and Panasonic. As of now, most of the details regarding the LG’s 8K are unknown.

At the release LG only talked about the display the corporate doesn’t even disclose the prices. We get a better idea about its specifications when it goes official at CES 2018.

Prior to 8K, the biggest OLED screen was at 77-inches and they were offered in 4K resolution. Brands like LG, Sony and Panasonic officially offer 77-inch TVs. Samsung jumped from OLED to QLED panels a year ago.At CES 2017, Samsung unveiled three QLED TVs – the Q9, Q8 and Q7. Samsung has claimed that its QLED TVs are superior to OLED TVs. We hope to see a couple of new QLED TVs from Samsung at the current year’s CES too.

While Samsung is following an alternate way, LG still observes rivalry from nations like Japan. We’ll make you know what LG and Samsung, and others, have in store for you once CES 2018 commences (January 9).


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