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One who uses rechargeable AA or AAA batteries for electronic devices then they have to use bulky wall charger which take enough space on table it is on. Using it to charge your devices not only take a lot of space of your house but also due to lack of good design, it creates a problem to you. So overcome this problem, IKEA’s tjugo Battery Charger is being introduced. It has a look of fake book keeping it aesthetics to your house.

The Swedish brand IKEA has earlier introduced many home appliances that is designed to match the surroundings of your house along with easy to assemble furniture.

Recently, the company has launched a Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker which is picture frame having Bluetooth speaker attached with it. now, the company has launched a brand new Tjugo Battery Charger with a look of fake book.

The outside of the charger is a hard cover book. One has to open “Read It”, the charger will be open. Inside it, there are many slots available. This slots will act as area to recharge your AA or AAA batteries. There are basically four slots for AA batteries and four for AAA batteries. It is connected to power source via 1.5m cables.

There is option of charging multiple batteries at a time and hence save time. The best point here is that it will stop charging batteries automatically after the batteries are fully charged. This will help in increasing of lifespan of batteries.

The price of the IKEA’s tjugo Battery Charger is $25 or RS. 1,860. Color of the same is teal shade. This Battery Charger is available online on the official website of IKEA and is live now.


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