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Amidst the MWC 2018 ado, a new BlackBerry-branded device has leaked out. A person tweeted out a photo of an alleged new smartphone called the BlackBerry ‘Ghost’. According to that tweet, ‘Ghost’ a high-end bezel-less device with flagship-like specifications which is headed to India.

It is also noted that the Android device would be made by Optiemusu, an Indian company. Optiemus signed an agreement with Blackberry to license its name and OS for new devices. Along with India, Optiemus also acquired the rights to sell BlackBerry devices in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Now, talking about the device itself, that didn’t reveal any other details. However, if you look closely to the leaked image, you can see a SIM tray and an antenna line on the left side of the device. It is also worth mentioning that there’s no fingerprint sensor on the front. So, it’s obvious that its either at the back or on the side of the device or it can be even under the display. Everything is possible now!

We can also see a front-facing camera and an earpiece. It looks like there’s no notch but it’s hard to tell in this image.

Moreover, It’s unclear when it’ll be launched and at what price. We also don’t know if this phone will only be sold in India or whether it will make its way to other markets. But a premium BlackBerry device is exciting news.



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