Google, WhatsApp, Facebook and some other apps abide by the new IT rules of the government. Twitter being a special case is yet to abide by the new IT rules.

The professional social media app- LinkedIn and another messaging app- Telegram have also complied with the new IT rules.

All the companies having complied with the new IT rules have shared the required information about their Chief Compliance Officers, Nodal Contact Persons and Grievance Officers.

Why is Twitter an exception?

Twitter, a microblogging platform has not completely complied with the requirements.

Twitter shared information about a lawyer working in a law firm in India as their Nodal Contact Person and Grievance Officer.

However, it did not satisfy the government rules, as these officers are supposed to be employees and must be residing in the country.

Twitter also failed to share details about the Chief Compliance Officer and further refused to comment on this matter.

WhatsApp lawsuit against the Indian government:

Recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court against the IT rules, which required traceability access to trace the originator of flagged messages on the various social media and messaging platforms.

This is why, it is not yet clear if WhatsApp along with the other companies have complied with the rules related to traceability of messages, voluntary verification of users and automated filtration of content related to sensitive issues.

With the requirement of traceability, it is likely to put and end to the end-to-end encryption services provided by these online platforms.

It further argued that this rule will violate the fundamental right to privacy and that end-to-end encryption is the important standard that provides security to the users and is a needed aspect for digital privacy.

The government has said that the new rules are framed to prevent any misuse of the platforms, and provide users with a strong forum for grievance redressal.

These platforms may lose their intermediary status if they do not abide by the new rules and can be held liable for criminal action in case of complaints.


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