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It can be tough to think of creative ideas when a huge pile of Legos is in front of you. But this app has changed it all! You can now make use of this app and play with your kids and help them think creatively at the same time!

Brickit uses an AI-powered camera to scan the pile of bricks in front of it and can suggest you things that can be made from it in seconds. All you need to do is download the free app and spread all the Lego bricks in such a way that all the pieces are visible. Then, open up the camera and point it from above so that it can scan quickly and recognize most of the bricks.

Once the scanning is done, the app will produce a list of ideas for you that can possibly be done with the bricks. You can customize the colors if you like to give it a personal touch too.

There might be a doubt in your head that the idea is there but how do I find those pieces in the pile. Well, this app has got you covered, all for real. Once you have selected a design, it will also highlight the pieces needed to make it in your pile for you to easily pick them without any hassle at all.

And once you are done creating the idea, you can also click a picture and share it with your friends which makes the whole process even more fun.

Now one might think that it is affiliated with Lego. But that is not the case. It is actually built by a group of fans. Even though it is available only on iOS as of now, soon it will make it way to Android as well, probably in 2021 itself.


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